I have a core belief that PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT. I believe that every person and every couple has a story that deserves to be told, and deserves to be told beautifully. Understand that when I say people are always more important, I am talking about you, your memories, your emotions, your story, and your wedding day. These values create the passion to capture your story and bring it to life. This brings me to truly understand your values to tell your unique story. 


This means more than just your wedding photographer
This means more than being just a hired vendor on your day.
This means more than showing up to one of the biggest days of your life and just taking pictures without caring.

It means genuinely getting to know you and understanding what you care about so that on your wedding day you can have PEACE OF MIND knowing that your special moments are being captured beautifully

It means that there should be real MEMORIES and EMOTIONS in your photographs so that in 5, 10 or 20 years you can look back through your wedding album and have all of those memories come flooding back to you.

It means making absolute sure that you have REAL and PHYSICAL PRINTED PRODUCTS so that when your kids look back at these images they will be able to see and feel what it was like to be at your wedding.

Finally, it means creating art for you that will serve as an every day reminder of who you love and why you love them.

The greatest gift that I can give to couples is peace of mind. You should never have to ask "How should I stand?", or "Does this look weird?", or "Who's photos are next?" and lastly, "Did he get the shot?". You won't have to worry about your
photography. Instead you will have the peace of mind that your memories are being captured and being put into a
PHYSICAL WEDDING ALBUM that will last through generations.

Capturing the love and joy of a couple is truly an honor, and that is why I am solely a wedding photographer. 

I want to do ONE thing and do it EXTREMELY WELL
I want to capture your STORY and capture it EXTREMELY WELL


- Like Nicole & Joseph, who spent most of their relationship separated while Joseph was deployed in the military

- Like Nina & Ryan, who were not only creating a sacred bond through marriage, but creating an unbreakable bond through a family


This is what I have to offer to couples who value photography more than just clicks of a shutter,
For the couples who understand that time moves to quickly and that our memories are flawed,
For the couples who value photography for it's ability to freeze a moment,
Lastly, for the couples who understand that their story is ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT.



Peter Barnes CEO
(402) 525-7677
1321 D St, Lincoln NE 68502


My husband and I are so thankful for Peter - for his talent for sure! It is obvious in his work and the way he talks that he knows much about photography and how to tell a story through quality photos.. But also - we are very thankful for his kindness, patience, and great organization. He took beautiful pictures for our wedding, but he also created for us an unbelievable experience! He met with us prior to the big day and communicated with us frequently up until the wedding, which I think is a huge thing to note because I am sure that I’m not the only bride who could use a little help with all the organizing on the big day! Peter did that. He gave me peace of mind from day one, and I would SO recommend him to anyone. One thing that I thought was really special was the way he surprised us with a few “gifts” (I won’t spoil it) throughout working with him. We enjoyed his thoughtfulness. My friends and family were also impressed that he managed to memorize everyone’s names - the family and wedding party I mean. He is just so great! So thankful for this experience.
— Malorie
Peter is such an incredible photographer with a natural gift. He has such a kind spirit and made both me and my fiancé feel so comfortable during our engagements. We knew from the moment he captured the proposal that we would want him to be there to capture our big day in May of 2018. His talent and abilities are far above anything we could have ever asked for in our engagement and proposal photos! Love this man!
— Chloe
Peter photographed both our engagement and wedding photos, and we are BEYOND happy with how they turned out! Peter is a great person to work with and is extremely professional. His style of shooting makes you feel very relaxed all while getting great and natural pictures. Peter also surprised us at the reception with polaroids from throughout our wedding day and played a slideshow of photos for family and friends to see! His creativity is definitely something that sets him apart from the average photographer. We highly recommend!
— Sydney